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namecheap coupon

Namecheap Coupon

If there’s one thing a website needs, it’s a domain name, you won’t get far without it!

All the eCommerce platforms we recommend have their own built-in web hosting platform, in other words, when you open a store you’ll be online, problem is it’ll look something like this…

(Obviously the ‘bigcommerce’ bit will change dependant on which platform you decide to go with)

And let’s be honest, we don’t want that, it doesn’t look professional, looks like you’re giving it a half-assed attempt of creating a store, you want the alternative…

The domain name you choose will be your pride and joy, you’ll buy that yourself so that will always be yours, whether you decide to stay with the eCommerce platform or change later on down the line, no matter what that’s yours.

We recommend a decent domain registrar as some have awful customer care and terrible dashboard, so we recommend Namecheap, they have all the benefits of cheap domain names with good customer care if you ever need it. We’ve linked to the namecheap coupon page which you can find a few deals and pick your perfect domain name. 


Namecheap Coupon

Essential For A Successful Website

0% (bad) – 100% (good)

  • Domain Cost 90% 90%
  • Customer Service 90% 90%
  • Ease Of Use Picking Domain 90% 90%


“The domain you choose doesn’t have to match your store, it doesn’t have to describe what you do, granted in some circumstances it would make sense, but some of the biggest brands out there have the most obscure domain names which don’t mean anything when you separate it from the brand you know.

Think of the brands you know and love, think about the website and business they run then look at the domain name. It’s unlikely the domain makes sense.

The reason I’m affirming this a few times over is don’t be disheartened if you can’t find a domain name you had in mind, pivot and choose a new one. In the grand scheme of things, no one will overthink your domain name… apart from you

Lee Evans

Executive Member,

Namecheap Coupon

Here’s a short list of the pros and cons of this online graphic design software. We’ve only mentioned the more important ones as all these platforms we’re recommending have fantastic features.


We’ve got an EXCLUSIVE BigCommerce 30 Day Free Trial!

Make the most of it here as you won’t find it anywhere else.


Fantastic Templates
Ability to store brand colours and use them across all advertising
Huge built-in library of icons, shapes and effects
You can resize anything very quickly to suit different advertising channels


As Canva is so widely used you'll find repetition of designs, not the exact same design, but same layout.

It’s a difficult decision.

We’re here to help. 

namecheap coupon

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced eCommerce seller with stores already or completely new to the game, the thought setting up an online store can be a daunting task.

We’re here to help you set up your first online shop and choose the best platform to get your shop up and running, there’s a reason why we got given the exclusive BigCommerce free trial.

Picking your eCommerce platform is just the first stage, there are a few more stages needed to fully set up and run a successful online store.

We can help you through every stage and try to make this as easy, stress free and informative when setting up your online store.


Is Namecheap for me?

Is Namecheap a good domain registrar?

Yes, in fact, they get on average 626,000 visitors a month to their website so they’re incredibly popular, this is another reason why it’s best to get your domain name sooner rather than later as with all those customers going to their site every month that domain name you’re thinking about could get taken.

Namecheap discount code

You’ve come to the right page, we’ve got Namecheap discount codes and coupons on the links throughout this page, click on a button or link and go straight to the Namecheap coupon page.

Is Namecheap a good hosting site?

Yes, granted they’re not the most popular when it comes to web hosting, the domain side of that takes the crown there but the packages they do are affordable and for people looking for an all-in-one package then you can’t go wrong.

Side note though, with the eCommerce platforms we’ve been looking at you won’t need web hosting as the eCommerce platforms themselves do self-hosting, all you’ll need is a domain name.

Setting Up An Online Store?

Step 1

BigCommerce Free trial

Volusion Free Trial

Step 2

NameCheap Coupon Code

FreeLogoServices Promo Code

Audible Free Trial

Step 3

PeoplePerHour Promo Code

Freelancer Promo Code

Envato Ecommerce Templates

Canva Free Trial

Step 4

Sucuri Free Trial

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