Freelancer Promo Code

£10 off your first order, valid on orders of £35 and over.

freelancer promo code

Freelancer Promo Code

We’ve used Freelancer quite a lot, granted not as much as PeoplePerHour as that’s our go-to platform. We’ve formed some great relationships on PeoplePerHour but we’ve had a logo designed for a separate website and a virtual assistant which was only located on Freelancer.

We use freelancer platforms a LOT for outsourcing tasks within our businesses, we had the eureka moment after reading Life Leverage by Rob Moore so started outsourcing all of our tasks which took up valuable time to the fantastic freelancers here at PeoplePerHour.

The sooner you realise that outsourcing is the way to grow and expand your business you’ll never look back and wish you started sooner.

Let’s break this down a little, let’s say your fantastic at writing content or editing photos for the website but awful at SEO because we all know SEO is difficult and time consuming so why wouldn’t you give that duty to someone who can do a Much better job than you in a quicker period of time, freeing up your time so you can do more things you love and bring in more business.

We’ve got a fantastic deal with Freelancer so we can give you £10 towards your first freelancer hire, this is over a purchase of £35. So you’re getting a £35 freelancer for the price of £25!

freelancer promo code

Once you’ve hired your first freelancer you’ll realise it’s the way forward for your business, build relationships with them and take your business to whole new heights.

With the Freelancer Promo Code, you can get them doing all the things you know need doing but simply don’t have enough time in the day to do.

Check out Freelancer and you’ll wish you did it sooner, trust us it happened to us too.

Freelancer Coupon

Essential For Business Success

0% (bad) – 100% (good)

  • Amount of Freelancers to choose from 80% 80%
  • Freelancer Website UI 90% 90%
  • Professional Freelancer 80% 80%
  • Price of Freelancers 80% 80%


“We know the thought of hiring a Freelancer is a bit daunting, what would you get them to do, how much would they be etc.

But it’s alright, the freelancers at come in all skills and price ranges. You need to honestly figure out what you’re good at and what you’re not so good at and for the sake of your business you need to hire out the things you’re not good at, it’ll benefit your business but mainly it’ll benefit YOU!

You can get back to the bits of the business you love doing, content writing, looking for new customers, marketing, photos etc all of these things need to be done and instead of wearing all the hats of an entrepreneur and juggling all those plates you can pick and choose what to do.

You’ll enjoy your life much more and isn’t that what starting a business is all about a better life.

Lee Evans

Executive Member,

Freelancer Promo Code

Here’s a short list of the pros and cons of the freelancer platform We’ve only mentioned the more important ones as all these platforms we’re recommending have fantastic features.


Loads of freelancers to choose from so you'll always find someone who suits you
Experts from all fields from SEO, marketing, content, PPC and loads more.
Much cheaper than going to a standalone business and much more responsive.


As with all freelancer platforms you have to pay a small fee on each transaction, but the fee is small.
Not as popular as PeoplePerHour but still worth checking out due to the promo code.

Power Your Business With Freelancer

Is Freelancer for me?

How does freelancer work?

Freelancer connects clients to expert freelancers who are available to hire by the hour or project. Allowing the customer to look at the freelancers’ background, previous jobs and reviews by existing customers to get a full picture of whom they’re hiring in thorough detail. The dashboard is very intuitive and allows the customer searching for a freelancer to find the perfect one which suits them and their business needs.

Freelancer Virtual Assistant

Hiring a personal assistant is something which you should come to terms with sooner rather than later, there’s a lot of small tasks which you’ll have to do when running your business, these could be refunds, enquires or other tasks which can drain time away from you doing more important money-making duties.

Freelancer Voucher Code

We have an offer of £15 off anything £35 and over. You can get a fantastic freelancer who charges £35 for £20! Why wouldn’t you make the most of that?

Is Freelancer legit?

In short, yes. There are tons of reviews from customers showing the old projects they had been working on. When looking for a Freelancer you can see the reviews from customers, some good, some bad but that’s what you do your research for. As far as being a platform connecting customers to freelancers, yes they’re a great platform and we’ve never had any problems.

Freelancer Alternatives?

There are two main alternatives to Freelancer and these are PeoplePerHour and Upwork. PeoplePerHour is the same type of platform although much more popular, on average PeoplePerHour gets around 450,000+ searches a month whereas Freelancer gets 45,000+. They’re both great platforms so we’d recommend signing up for both and making the most out of the promo codes we have for you. We also have a great offer for PeoplePerHour of £30 off over £50, check it out here. The other platform is Upwork, this website is also very popular but in the same breath it’s also much more expensive than the other two, we’d recommend this website to medium-large businesses as the freelancers on here charge a premium.