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setting up an online store

Have you always wanted to create an online store but get confused with all the information out there and don’t know where to start? You’re not the only one, in fact 46% of small businesses don’t have an online store! This is a fantastic time to create an online store and get online before your competitors do! 

setting up an online store

Four Steps To Online Store Success

setting up an online store
Step 1

Choose your eCommerce platform

creating an online store
Step 2

Domain Name, Logo Design & Learning

setting up an online store
Step 3

Freelancer Advice, Templates & Design Help

creating an online store
Step 4

& Website Security

Step One

Choose which eCommerce platform best suits your business goals.

Setting up an online store is much easier than you think, there are platforms here which do all the heavy lifting for you, they’ve all got professional dashboards which show you how much you’ve sold, where the customer lives, how many orders you have pending, built-in analytics and much more.

If setting up an online store is a bit overwhelming but you’ve got a great idea, you know what you want to sell but there are a few technical or design issues you’re worried about look at our section about Freelancers, you can get cheap freelancers to do almost anything for you, these guys will help your business grow faster than you could ever imagine.

setting up an online store



creating an online store

Choose Your Online Shop Platform

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setting up an online store

Step Two

Choose your domain name, create a logo & continually learning.

Namecheap is one of the biggest domain registrars out there, with fantastic prices on all .com and other prefix domains, we use them for our domains and have never had any issues.

– FreeLogoServices is a website which creates as many free logos as you like until your happy and only when your 100% is when you pay a discounted price for your logo. They’re much cheaper than the competitors and the only way you’ll get the same price for quality work is through a freelancer (Which we’ve got in the next section). The actual free logo makers out there aren’t good and look like they’ve been designed on Microsoft word a decade ago. When creating a business or setting up an online store you’ll want a professional looking logo so people feel confident when buying from you.

Audible is an audiobook platform in which you can learn from the worlds greatest business leaders for next to nothing, cheaper than a mentor. To survive and make money in this game you need to be continually learning, you shouldn’t just stop learning when you leave school or you’ll get left behind.




creating an online store

Pick Your Domain & Create Your Logo

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Step Three

Get a helping hand from professional, cheap freelancers.

What’s the difference between new business owners and the experienced? The self-acceptance and knowing what tasks you’re great at and what’s better off being delegated to others better at that task than you.

You’ll grow your business MUCH faster, easier and enjoy the journey more when you come to understand when you outsource tasks to others, you can concentrate more on the business, growing the business in areas you’re good at.

For instance, setting up and online store has many moving parts, you’ve sourced your products and images but you hate the background of the images, instead of butchering the images trying to remove the background outsource it to someone on PeoplePerHour who knows exactly what they’re doing and will do 50 products for £10. That’s hours you’ve just saved if you were to do that yourself allowing you more time to set up other areas of the business, it’s a very simple, very effective way of growing faster but so many people overlook it!

creating an online store





setting up an online store

Get a Helping Hand, Fantastic Templates & Create Your Own Designs

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creating an online store

Step 4

Dropshipping advice, printing on anything and website security.

So as we mentioned previously in step 1, setting up an online store, the big upward trend in eCommerce platform usage is Dropshipping, this is where you don’t hold any stock, you process payment, send the description of the product to the manufacturer with payment and they package, label and send the parcel straight from their warehouse so you don’t have to deal with holding stock.

This type of business model is huge and it’s only getting bigger, there are sites out there which deal with only dropshipping, like AliExpress which lists 100,000,000 products, yes, 100 million products. We’d be surprised if you can’t find anything to sell!

There are sites like Printful which sell clothing, mugs, apparel, gifts, homeware etc with no branding on them, you design a brand then they’ll print it on your desired product and ship it straight to the customer. 

Finally, you need website security, this isn’t optional this is a necessity. We’ve been hacked a few times and now protect all our websites with Sucuri and haven’t had a problem since. They’ve also cleared malware from our sites too which has never come back.



setting up an online store

Drop Shipping Help, Expert Printing & Website Security

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Frequently Asked Questions

eCommerce Store

What is an online eCommerce store? By definition, the terminology “Commerce” is defined by ‘an interchange of goods or commodities, especially on a large scale between different countries (foreign commerce) or between different parts of the same country (domestic commerce)‘.

So when online shopping started really picking up in the 2000’s they put the ‘e’ on the front, so the terminology for eCommerce is an online shop dealing with trading of goods.

Exchanging of services, on the other hand, is known as SAAS.

Small business eCommerce

This is a perfect start for small businesses thinking of setting up an online store, you’re lean and small meaning you can pivot easily if a product doesn’t sell.

Some of the biggest latest brands started off tiny, for example, GymShark clothing where the founder started off eCommerce dropshipping and has now scaled to worldwide and multimillion-pound business.

The small businesses are by far the best, if something isn’t working you’re not bogged down by red tape or shareholders, you can add a new product, test selling it, if it doesn’t work you can remove it quickly without trouble.

eCommerce Dropshipping

eCommerce Dropshipping, this is where you don’t hold any stock yourself, it’s a fantastic business model and we’ll break it down for you now;

– You promote the products you want to sell to your audience or potential customers

– They arrive on your website

– They buy your product

– You process the payment on your website

– Send the description of the product to the manufacturer with payment

– They then package, label (with your own brand) and send the parcel straight from their warehouse to the customer

All this means that you don’t have to deal with holding stock.

This type of business model is huge and it’s only getting bigger, there are sites out there which deal only with Dropshipping, like AliExpress which lists 100,000,000 products, yes, 100 million products.

We’ve got the steps listed up top to walk you through setting up an online store, either for selling your own products or using it for eCommerce Dropshipping.

What to sell eCommerce stores?

The choice is entirely yours, you can choose to sell products purely on a passion you have and decide to set up an online store to sell those products.

You can start eCommerce dropshipping which we’ll discuss below further.

You sell physical or digital products, people sell books in physical or digital eBook form, both of which you can do.

The choice is limitless.

How to create an eCommerce store

Well this is pretty simple, follow our steps listed up top and we’ll take you through each stage on how to create an eCommerce store.

From picking your eCommerce store, domain name, logo design, templates, extra help, web security and choice of dropshipping options if that’s what you’re after.

eCommerce platforms

So there are quite a few platforms out there to choose from, they all do the same type of thing but each do one thing better than the other so it’s worth looking around for your best platform.

BigCommerce is fantastic for growing, the more customers you get sometimes slows down your site, google hates slow sites so if your web page speed drops too much you’ll start ranking lower. You won’t get this problem with BigCommerce they’re built to scale, you want to run a proper business built to grow? BigCommerce is worth looking at.

Shopify is one of the most popular options, it’s been marketed fantastically and thus has a massive user base, it’s a great all-rounder, easy to set up and there are a lot of plugins to use. These plugins can get expensive when you choose to use them properly. But the platform is tried and tested.

WIX has been around for a long time, known for their normal website builder they made the change into eCommerce a few years back and people have been using them ever since and they’re increasing in popularity.

Squarespace is one of the newer eCommerce platforms, the templates are beautiful, it’s created to make more of an impact than running and scaling a big business. If you sell niche products or services then this would be fantastic for you. It’s made for smaller businesses which only a couple of products as the designs fit that type of business better.